Steps to Build a Blue Trail: Promote

Promoting a Blue Trail

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    Create a Map and Interpretative Guide

    Maps and interpretative guides are fundamental tools for communicating with Blue Trail users. Properly designed, they can greatly enhance the Blue Trail experience by aiding navigation and geographic orientation, warning of potential safety issues, and deepening an appreciation of the natural, cultural, and historical attributes of the area. A map and interpretative guide can also entice users to become stewards of the Blue Trail.
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    Create Blue Trail Signs

    Signs inform users about a Blue Trail and create a safer and more environmentally sensitive experience. They can raise awareness of and support for a Blue Trail and attract more users by providing exposure to the resource.
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    Create a Website

    The Internet is a primary source of information for travelers and tourists. Unlike printed materials, websites can be constantly updated. You can provide current information about weather conditions, special events, services along the blue trail, and change photographs of your Blue Trail according to the seasons.
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    Design a Media Campaign

    While your Blue Trail can gain important publicity from having a spokesperson quoted in the newspaper or interviewed on the evening news, the true power of the media is its ability to affect change. An effective media campaign can educate the general public, inspire citizens to act, pressure decision-makers to do the right thing, and draw public attention to the importance of your issues and goals.
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    Work With the Media

    To consistently get your message into the news, it’s important to develop a strong relationship with reporters who are likely to cover your issues. To do this, maintain regular contact with key journalists, provide them with accurate information, refer them to other reliable sources when you cannot answer their questions, and be respectful of the constraints on their time. If journalists view you as a trusted source of information, they are more likely to turn to you for comments on a regular basis.
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    Develop Media Tools

    There are a variety of tools that you can use to implement your media strategy.